Gear Up Week proclaimed in district

Harlan County Superintendent Brent Roark signed a proclamation earlier today to designate September 23-27 as Gear Up Week in the Harlan County School District. The proclamation is part of a national Gear Up awareness campaign to promote the importance of planning for college and career opportunities while in school.
The proclamation ready:

“WHEREAS, when schools and families work together to support students, the entire community is strengthened, and

WHEREAS, students who have families who help them set high expectations and talk with them about school and future plans are more likely to succeed, and

WHEREAS, schools that collaborate with families around their child’s education can provide the supports to help those conversations, and

WHEREAS, when these things happen, students take courses that are more challenging, set and reach lofty goals, attend school more regularly, graduate and pursue post-secondary education. Here at Harlan County Public Schools we are committed to engaging families and supporting students, and that is why we want to uplift the importance of GEAR UP throughout the week of September 23-27 and throughout the entire year.”

Roark signed the proclamation at Harlan County High School where members of his Superintendent’s Student Council took part in the brief ceremony.

Various activities are taking place across the district to mark Gear Up week.