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Allison Haught

Teen Corner: Learning to ‘let go’ helps us put ourselves first in our life when it’s necessary

By Allison Haught, Contributing Writer May 18, 2024

As humans, we are born, we grow, we live, and we die; our cycle is simple without the extra bumps one experiences. Our emotions, minds, bodies and experiences are what make us so complex...

Abby Sherman

TEEN CORNER: I’ve learned there’s no reason to be in a rush to grow up

By Abby Sherman, Contributing Writer April 27, 2024

“Follow your heart.” “Treat others how you want to be treated.” “Don’t worry about what others think.” Though I’ve been given a lot of good advice growing up, there is one thing that...

Claire Sawyers

Teen Corner: Taking a journey back in time to some of my favorite childhood memories

April 13, 2024

Nostalgia is a beautiful, yet saddening experience that calls upon long-forgotten memories and lets you relive them all over again. The one thing that I feel nostalgic for is my childhood, especially when...

Sarah Boggs

Teen Corner – Is our future determined by fate or does it come down to decisions in life

By Sarah Boggs, Contributing Writer March 29, 2024

Do you think that we have an end in life that is unchangeable? I think about it a lot. The idea of fate is highly debated in society. People have various concepts of fate. Most people find anguish in...

Jason Eldridge

Teen Corner – High school began with dread before turning into a wonderful experience

By Jason Eldridge, Contributing Writer February 11, 2024

When I became a freshman at Harlan County High School, the Covid-19 pandemic was finally ending, but it was not eradicated. I was extremely terrified of entering high school because I didn’t know what...

Kaityln Daniels

Teen Corner – Harlan County’s proud history includes grit, courage and family

By Kaitlyn Daniels, Contributing Writer January 21, 2024

What does it mean to be a Harlan Countian? It’s a place where the mountains are high, the valleys are low, and the coal runs deep. Almost every soul in the county has some form of connection to coal...

Jaycee Carter

Teen Corner – Winter, with all of its activities, is my favorite time of the year

By Jaycee Carter, Contributing Writer December 18, 2023

Winter has always been my favorite season for so many reasons. As a 17-year-old junior, I find myself looking forward to the amazing atmosphere that winter brings and the unique experiences that come...

Jamison Wilkinson

Teen Corner – Hard work can teach teenagers valuable lessons about life

By Jamison WIlkinson, Contributing Writer December 18, 2023

My job has always been an important part of my life.It is how I show I am reliable and have a good work ethic to earn things I am eager for in life. My family instilled these values in my life and showed...

Kaden Boggs

Teen Corner – Christmas memories are some of my favorites through the years

December 3, 2023

The Christmas season is a huge deal at the Boggs house. Every year during the week of Christmas, my mother forces her children into the holiday spirit. The official Christmas celebration kicks off by building...

Luke Kelly

Teen Corner – Good friends make our high school adventure a fun ride

By Luke Kelly, Contributing Writer November 26, 2023

High school is like a wild ride, filled with all sorts of feelings and crazy stuff. Between stressing over homework and dealing with teenage drama, there's one thing that always keeps me smiling: my...

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