Davis tells HCHS students to follow their dreams


Chesney Haynes

Hasan Davis talked to Harlan County High School students about working hard to achieve their dreams.

Megan McKnight, Staff Writer

Hasan Davis, a motivational speaker and youth advocate, made a stop at Harlan County High School on Thursday to encourage students to follow their dreams.

“It’s going to be up to you to dig deep and find realization and find the courage to see something different and then to make that the truth,” said Davis. “I thought about…the education of creativity and imagination. There is no limit to it, just like us. The only limit to it is the one you put on it yourself.”

Davis spoke of how he faced several challenges growing up, such as being homeless, having ADHD, and several expulsions from the schools he attended. He later displayed a change of attitude and petitioned for a chance to once again attend Berea College — a school that had expelled him twice. After graduating from college and earning numerous awards along the way, including the Navy V-12, Davis also earned a degree in law. He then gained experience in different fields to contribute to the youth by educating alternative schools and eventually became vice-chairman of the federal Advising Committee on Juvenile Justice, using his words and memories of his past to inspire the youth of today to work hard and achieve what they want in life.

During his talk with the students at HCHS, Davis also showed the students a piece of blue fabric he once picked up from a discard table at a Walmart. He had kept this fabric with him for years, taking it with him whenever he traveled across the country. He allowed the students to suggest ideas of what he could use it for, and later told them his reasoning for taking it was because it was the only object sitting on what he thought of as the “don’t nobody want this” table, as if it had no value. He also showed the students the importance of asking questions to keep from having any miscommunication, as well as the importance of making decisions for themselves rather than for others.

“Hasan Davis was a really nice and funny guy,” said Laura Creech, a senior from HCHS. “He was really motivating and showed us that, even coming from a rough place, he was still able to make it on top. I really like the approach he took when he talked to us.”