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Abby Vitatoe

Family ties, love of land help define Appalachians

Abby Vitatoe, Contributing Columnist January 4, 2021

I have been raised in a small community with a big reputation. I have been raised in the deepest roots of Appalachia: the place where you can find cornbread and soup beans in gas stations. The place...

Kiki Dean

Growing up in Appalachia has made me more resilient

By Kiki Dean, Contributing Columnist January 3, 2021

The day I was born, I became an ignorant Appalachian hillbilly. I was born to a stereotypical Appalachian family: a generational coal miner and a high school dropout. I have had a particularly diverse...

Family, friends are what make me an Appalachian

Family, friends are what make me an Appalachian

By Jacey Lewis, Contributing Writer December 20, 2020

What makes me Appalachian? This is a very difficult question for me because there are lots of things that make me who I am today, including Appalachia. Appalachian is a small town get together on events. Appalachian...

Ciara Browning

Unexplainable bond ties residents of Appalachia together

By Ciara Browning, Contributing Writer December 14, 2020

Appalachia is more than a region. We are more than a statistic, a preconceived notion or a stereotype. We are different from the people in big towns in unique ways. This is what makes our culture so different...

McKinley Bradley

Proud to be an Appalachian resident of Harlan County

By McKinley Bradley, Teen Corner December 7, 2020

To me, the term Appalachian defines a culture foreign to many others. We are seen as outsiders who are set in our ways, unaccepting to anyone but our own kind. For me, what makes me Appalachian is simple...

Lacey Fields

Being Appalachian is a state of mind

By Lacey Fields, Contributing Writer December 1, 2020

I suppose you could say that everyone who grew up in Appalachia is an Appalachian. But for me, it’s more a state of mind, upbringing or way of life. But we all feel differently and our reasons for how...

Jacob Brown

Many things make me Appalachian, including family and traditions

Jacob Brown, Contributing Writer November 23, 2020

Appalachian culture is a real and functioning way of life revealed through its arts and crafts, traditional music, traditional foods, its customs, its traditions and its somewhat common language. Traditional...

Brandy Adams

Taking pride in proving stereotypes of Appalachia and its people are wrong

Brandy Adams, Contributing Columnist November 15, 2020

If you conduct a Google search to address the question of “what is an Appalachian person,” you will receive an answer that reads “The people of Appalachia are often portrayed as lazy, tobacco smoking,...

Gear Up Week proclaimed in district

Gear Up Week proclaimed in district

September 23, 2019

Harlan County Superintendent Brent Roark signed a proclamation earlier today to designate September 23-27 as Gear Up Week in the Harlan County School District. The proclamation is part of a national Gear...

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